Hey everyone,

As we have been working on our Gen Con 2014 modules, we thought about putting together an online campaign since I’ve had a lot of fun running Outbreak: Undead scenarios for folks all over the country for the last two Gen Cons. After a lot of back and forth about how we think this could work, here’s our game idea.

Twice a month, we will host an online Outbreak: Undead game for up to 6 players. They do not have to be the same players each week (in fact, we would love to have many players cycle through from game to game), but the story will be continuous. We are inspired by shows like Star Trek, The Walking Dead, etc. that may focus on different characters from episode to episode, but still tell one story. This also allows us to not have to plan around various peoples’ schedules where having 2 of 6 players being unable to make a session means no game. Finally, it gives a larger group of people the chance to play Outbreak: Undead, which is always great!

We will be posting more information in the coming weeks. We are hoping to get started with our first session in early- to mid-April. For more information, you can visit our Obsidian Portal wiki for the campaign, which can be found here, ask questions here, or directly correspond with us. We do ask players to join the (free) Obsidian Portal site to post their character info and see status updates and campaign information.

Thanks everyone, and we look forward to kicking this off!


Dead Water squirrel13