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When zombies overrun downtown Chicago during rush hour, a small group of survivors find themselves trapped underground on an El train into the city. As the dead begin to overwhelm the living, these survivors must learn to stay alive in a world filled with the hungry dead. As the hours turn into days and the hope of rescue fades, what will those few who remain do to stay alive?

Welcome to Dead Water

This is an online campaign played biweekly using the Outbreak: Undead rules via Skype and Roll20.

To participate, you need the Outbreak: Undead core rulebook (available at your local game store, the Hunters Books online store, DriveThruRPG, and many other places), an acceptable character, and access to the Outbreak: Undead forums.

Each game we accept 6 players (first come first serve) who sign up on the Outbreak: Undead forums. We try to cycle through players on a regular basis to give everyone the opportunity to play the game.

To get added to the game, please send your user name either by direct message to the GM here on Obsidian Portal, to Karilmat or squirrel13 on the Outbreak: Undead forum, or their email them directly.

To get started, take a look at the Main Page.

For questions, we can be contacted at mams.gaming@gmail.com.

Home Page

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