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Welcome to the DEAD WATER chronicle wiki!

You are a survivor in the Windy City! You will need to avoid the ravenous legion of the undead while finding a safe stronghold to live in, food and supplies to stay alive, and weapons to fight off the inevitable hordes that will be coming after your flesh. Hope you didn’t have other plans.

DEAD WATER is an online Outbreak:Undead game we will host every other week for a rotating 1 table, 6 player group via Skype. This wiki is designed to guide players through character creation, explain the metarules we want everyone to play by, and other information for the setting as the game goes on.

We are currently presenting DEAD WATER as an episodic story starting in April 2014. We plan for it to run over 4 story arcs (or “seasons”) of 6 to 12 episodes per season.

During the first Season of DEAD WATER, the survivors will be fortifying their stronghold, gathering supplies, and learning what it means to live in a world after the zombie apocalypse. After that, we will see what the world has in store for them.

If you have any questions, please contact us via the forum here, at the Outbreak:Undead forum, or via our email at


Main Page

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