Vincent Brodeur


NAME: Vincent Brodeur Bite Resist %: 35
TEMPLATE: Vagrant Viral: 0
GENDER: Male Health: 30
HEIGHT: 1m86 (5’11") Melee Attack: 17
WEIGHT: 81kg (180lbs) Ranged Attack: 13
DATE OF BIRTH: 11 may 1983 Base Defense: 5
GESTALT DICE: 31 Full Defense:


STRENGTH: 25 Bonus Notes
Checks Balance
Other:Drugs Resistance 14 4 GD
Other:Food Poisoning 5
Other:Grapple 10
PERCEPTION: 45 Bonus Notes
Checks Adv. Medicine/Surgery
Drive (Bicycle)
Drive (Car)
Drive (Motorcycle)
Drive (Truck)
First Aid/Diagnosis 7 2 GD
Hide 17 5 GD
Navigation (10) (Subterranean)
Searching 10 (20) +17 (Subterranean) 5 GD
Spotting 5+10 3 GD
Survival 10 (25) (Urban)
Survival (Wilderness)
EMPATHY: 30 Bonus Notes
Checks Calm Other
Diplomacy (Ask/Command) 7 2 GD
Diplomacy (Bribe)
Diplomacy (Coax)
Diplomacy (Determine Motives)
Diplomacy (Intimidation)
Diplomacy (Plea)
WILL: 25 Bonus Notes
Checks Calm Self
Resist Pain 14 4 GD


Name Tier Prerequisites Summary Notes
Bilingual 2 None Character with this skill can read one additionnal language fluently. Didn’t use any other bonuses
Billy Goat 1 Str 20, Will 30 Characters with this attribute lack gag reflex.
+5 “Per-Survival”
+5 to Strenght when resisting food poisoning
Brawler 3 Str 30, Per 20, Will 20 +10 to Str for Grapple Checks
Keep full bonus of +10 to knock zombies prone unarmed
+5 Melee Attack
Caged Wisdom 1 Per 25, Will 20 Uses the same Difficulty and Time of bludgeoning weapons to piercing weapons. Weapon made that way will be one level of durability less than normal.
+5% bonus chance of success when constructing equipment.
Lone Wolf 3 Emp no more than 20 Don’t get bonuses from formations and “Co-Op” skills.
+5 to Perception and Willpower
Increase at +10 for “Per-Hide, Search, Spot and Survival”
While part of the amrching order can perform any actions, but won’t get benefit from the position.
Mission alone reduce Zombie Perception lvl by 1, but take 2 times per “Per-Search” instead of 1.
Pack Rat 1 Per 30 Can store up to 3CU worth of items of 1CU that do not count on maximum Cargo Capacity
Native (Subterranean) 1 none +10 “Per-Search, hide, navigation” in named biome Archetype
Search 1 Per 30 +5 “Per-Search”. Can also use search while Point or Rear
Survivalist (Urban) 4 Will 35, Per 35 +15 “Per-Survival (Urban)”. p. Degradation rate of 10 Essentials equipement is reduced by half. Archetype


Max Cargo
Name Bonus CU Zombie Kills Notes
Boots, Hiking BR 85% 2 None Ankle, Feets
Clothing, Heavy BR 15% 1 None Arms,Legs, Torso Flesh 1 / Impact 2
Gloves BR 15% 0,5 None Hands

Vincent wears old, used hiking boots and lot of layers of cloths that were probably not brown at the beginning.
He carries with him a old leather backpack.
He has dreadlocks in his hair, formed by years of not caring. His beard starting to be long too. He can’t quite remember the last time he shaved… or took a shower for that matter.
He smells of old booze, dirt and chemicals.
He wears sunglasses most of the time. He has photophobia from years of using drugs.
He also seems older than he is really. His hairs started to grey a bit in the last years.

Vincent Brodeur

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